Help us save Scharfeneck Castle

Elewacja południowa domu bramnegoScharfeneck Castle has been under intensive renovation since December 2013 and needs your help.

A charitable trust called Fundacja Odbudowy Dworu Sarny, we bought it from the Polish government in a state of complete ruin.

As of May 2016 we’ve raised and spent in excess of $300,000 to save the castle.

Scharfeneck Castle and its magnificent St. John Nepomucene Chapel need much more if they’re to be saved for future generations.

In 2016 our trust is getting support from the Polish Ministry of Culture. But in order to use it, we need to match an equivalent of $100,000.

That’s why we’re asking your help.

Even the smallest amount matters a great deal.

All the money our not-for-profit trust receives directly finances the ongoing renovation. You can donate now using PayPal in a few simple steps:

We are doing our utmost to open the Gatehouse and St. John Nepomucene Chapel  in the spring of 2017. In the meantime, you can visit the Chapel during our cultural events and by individual appointment.

Please help us save this unique house and its works of art.

Panoramiczny widok na Kaplicę św. Jana Nepomucena